Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate


We provide discounts for groups consisting of 2 or more individuals.

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Training Features

  • 40 hours of face-to-face training (master concepts through active learning)
  • 10% of training is based on concepts, explanation and case studies
  • 90% of training is hands-on and focuses on lab practical (including real-life scenarios)
  • Exam Workshop is provided
  • 99% pass rate on exam on the first attempt
  • Get certified within 7 days to 1 month

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Who Should Enrol?


If you would like your IT team members to:

  1. Have in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Azure, enabling them to effectively leverage its wide range of cloud services and features and gain a deep understanding of Azure’s architecture, capabilities and best practices;
  2. Learn how to optimize Azure resource usage, identify cost-saving opportunities and implement strategies to control expenses including rightsizing virtual machines, implementing auto-scaling and managing Azure subscriptions effectively to ensure cost-efficiency;
  3. Acquire skills to secure Azure resources, manage identities and adhere to compliance requirements such as industry-specific regulations, tender participations and renewal of partnership with Microsoft;
  4. Gain expertise in monitoring Azure resources, identifying bottlenecks and troubleshooting common problems. This ensures quicker issue resolution, minimizing disruptions to your services.

Then this training is for you!


If you are an IT professional who wants:

  1. Comprehensive Azure Expertise – Gain in-depth understanding of Microsoft Azure, covering a wide range of cloud services and features;
  2. Career Advancement Within Your Company – Earn the Azure Administrator Associate certification to open up new career opportunities within your organization;
  3. Skill Validation – Validate your skills and knowledge in Azure resource management, security, cost optimization and compliance, providing a tangible recognition of your expertise;
  4. Cloud Security Mastery – Learn to implement robust security measures to protect Azure resources, manage identities and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations;
  5. Cost Efficiency – Acquire skills to optimize Azure resource utilization, implement cost-saving strategies and effectively manage Azure subscriptions, leading to significant cost savings for your organization;
  6. Resource Performance Enhancement – Understand how to configure and manage Azure resources for improved performance, reduced downtime and a seamless user experience;
  7. Problem-Solving Skills – Develop the ability to monitor Azure resources, troubleshoot common issues and ensure the smooth operation of critical services and applications;
  8. Cloud Migration Expertise – Be prepared to lead or contribute to cloud migration projects, helping your organization transition seamlessly to the cloud;

Then this training is for you!

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate training is valuable for a range of job responsibilities, which can include:

  • Azure Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Security Analyst
  • IT Manager
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Solution Architect
  • Cloud Consultant
  • DevOps Engineer
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Compliance Officer
  • Technical Project Manager

Our Past Track Record

We’ve successfully trained approximately 800 working adults and fresh graduates in Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate, attaining an impressive 99% pass rate for those who have undergone certification exams.


What is Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate?

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification is a credential that proves someone is skilled in managing Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform. It shows they can handle tasks like setting up Azure resources, managing networks, controlling user access and handling data storage effectively. This certification is for IT professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in Azure administration.

What are the prerequisites for Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification?

You should be familiar with:

  • Operating systems
  • Networking
  • Servers
  • Virtualization

In addition, you should have experience with:

  • PowerShell
  • Azure CLI
  • The Azure portal
  • Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra

Is this training online or face-to-face?

This training is face-to-face but we do provide online training. Contact us to find out our online training schedule.

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How much does a Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate course cost?

If you’ve checked with different training providers, you’ll find that the course usually ranges from RM4,000 to RM5,000 but sometimes we have promotions with up to a 50% discount. Give us a call to find out our current Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate course price.

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What topics are covered in the certification exam?

The exam covers areas like Azure subscriptions and resources, virtual networks, identity and access management and storage management.

How long is the certification valid?

The Azure Administrator Associate certification is valid for two years, after which you can renew it by passing a renewal exam or earning a more advanced certification.

Where can I take the certification exam?

You can take the exam at our centre since we are a Pearson Vue Authorized Test Center.

Exam Format

Certification Name: Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

CCNA Exam Code: AZ-104

CCNA Exam Price: $90 USD

Exam Duration: 210 Minutes

Number of Questions: 60 Questions

Score Required to Pass Exam: 700/1000

Exam Venue: At our premise because we are a Pearson Vue Authorized Test Centre


AZ-104 Examination Weights:

Manage Azure identities and governance (20-25%)

Implement and manage storage (15-20%)

Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20-25%)

Implement and manage virtual networking (15-20%)

Monitor and maintain Azure resources (10-15%)


AZ-104 Question Types:

  1. Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)
  2. Scenario-Based Questions.
  3. Drag-and-Drop Questions.
  4. Review Screen.
  5. Build List.
  6. Hotspot Questions.
  7. Active Screen.
  8. Short Answer Questions.
  9. Fill in the Blank.
  10. Matching Questions.


This training program is designed to prepare IT professionals for the Microsoft Azure Administrator exam (AZ-104). It focuses on developing the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage Microsoft Azure cloud services. The course covers a wide range of topics, including Azure resource management, virtual networking, identity and access management, security, compliance, cost optimization and troubleshooting.

Course Outline

  • Resource Groups
  • Azure PowerShell and CLI
  • Resource Manager
  • ARM Templates
  • Virtual Machine Planning
  • Creating Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Availability
  • Virtual Machine Extensions
  • Lab : Deploy and Manage Virtual Machines
  • Storage Accounts
  • Azure Blobs
  • Azure Files
  • Storage Security
  • Lab : Deploy and Manage Virtual Machines
  • Storage Accounts
  • Azure Blobs
  • Azure Files
  • Storage Security
  • Lab : Deploy and Manage Virtual Machines
  • Data Replication
  • File and Folder Backups
  • Virtual Machine Backups
  • Lab : Azure Site Recovery Between Regions
  • Service Endpoints and Network Routing
  • VNet-to-VNet Connections
  • ExpressRoute
  • Lab : VNet Peering and Service Chaining
  • Service Endpoints and Network Routing
  • Azure Load Balancer
  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • Lab : Load Balancer and Traffic Manager
  • Subscriptions and Accounts
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Users and Groups
  • Azure Policy
  • Billing
  • Lab : Governance and Compliance
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure AD Connect
  • Azure AD Join
  • Lab : Implement Directory Synchronization
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Azure AD Identity Protection
  • Self-Service Password Reset
  • Lab : Azure AD Identity Protection
  • Lab : Self-Service Password Reset
  • Import and Export Service
  • Data Box
  • Content Delivery Network
  • File Sync
  • Lab : File Sync
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Alerts
  • Log Analytics
  • Network Watcher
  • Lab : File Sync

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