Job Searching Skill Workshop

Gain a deep understanding of what companies are looking for from a potential employee and learn failproof methods to properly position yourself to attract as much job opportunities as available in the job market.

Job Searching Skill Workshop

The Ugly Truth of Why You Are Not Being Hired

Mode: Classroom training

Duration: 2 Days

Schedule: 22 & 23 of Dec 2020 (Weekdays)

Time: 9 am – 1 pm

Venue: Allied View Centre, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

Bonus:  3 sessions of personalised coaching

Fee: RM450/pax

Job Searching Skill Workshop

Course Overview:

This course provides to students with a deep understanding of what companies are looking for from a potential employee and techniques to properly position themselves to attract as much job opportunities as available in the job market.



  • Analyze the needs of a company (from the very small requirements of the desired job to the bigger goals of the company) to see how one can contribute in a way that helps the company to achieve bigger goals, even if it’s indirectly. This is the most important skill to understand one’s job importance in the contribution towards achieving the company’s goals
  • Analyze the skills gap between what is required for the desired job and the current level of available skills, so that one can make plans to acquire those skills. Hence, properly positioning oneself to become more qualified for a particular job
  • Perform a SWOT analysis on a particular company to identify how one can help the company to overcome its weaknesses and leverage on its strengths for the advancement of the company. This is one of the many unspoken expectations that a company expects from a potential employee. Ability to do so shows how one can truly be valuable for the company
  • Able to brand and market oneself effectively on resume and social media that he or she appeals more to head hunters and increasing the chances of getting hired


Who Should Attend Job Searching Skill Workshop:

  • Fresh graduates
  • Retrenched from employment (below 5 years)


Course Outline:

  • Conducting background research of a company
  • Identifying a company’s needs and goals
  • Identifying a particular job requirements
  • How to conduct a SWOT analysis for a company
  • Identifying your current available skills and the skills required to be qualified for a particular job
  • Creating a plan to acquire the necessary skills for the desired job
  • Identifying the most common requirements for a particular job position in the majority of companies
  • Methods of writing a winning resume
  • Ways to write a customized cover email and why is it important
  • Video resume
  • Portfolio building
  • The dos and don’ts of resume writing
  • How to use sales and marketing techniques to successfully sell the idea of why a company should hire you
  • Common interview questions
  • Interview role-play
  • How to create a solid and attractive LinkedIn profile
  • How to grow your connections
  • What contents you should create to attract headhunters and employers
  • How to reach out to headhunters and employers
  • Unrealistic expectations from a company
  • The ugly truth of why you are not being hired
  • What is required to be a top performer
  • Understanding the difference between driving results and being busy
  • Growth mindset
  • Task prioritization
  • Continually asking for reviews/feedback from Supervisors

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