Hiring Incentive And Training (PenjanaKerjaya 2.0)

About Hiring Incentive And Training Programme (PenjanaKerjaya 2.0)

The Hiring Incentive And Training Programme (PenjanaKerjaya 2.0) is an economic recovery initiative under the Ministry of Human Resource, administered by PERKESO’s National Employment Services to promote job creation among employers while increasing employment prospects. The PenjanaKerjaya 2.0 is an enhanced version of the previously implemented Hiring Incentive Programme and applications can be made from the 1st of January 2021 onwards. Employers from all industries registered with PERKESO, SSM and other local authorities such as ROS, ROC and etc can partake in this programme to hire and upskill their newly hired employees with the benefits of up to 60% wage subsidy for 6 months & free training with us.

Training Choices

💎️Microsoft Azure Administrator (with exam)

💎️CompTIA Project+ (with exam) + ITIL

💎️CCNA (with exam)

💎️CompTIA Linux+ (with exam)

💎️CompTIA Security+ (with exam)


When can employers apply for our training programmes?

  • Employers may apply for any ONE of our training programmes once their Hiring Incentive application has been approved by PERKESO.
  • Only employers and employees whose Hiring Incentive applications have been approved by PERKESO are eligible for our training programmes.
  • Employers are advised to apply for our training programmes within 90 days after receiving approval for the Hiring Incentive applications.

What are the eligibility requirements for employers for the PenjanaKerjaya 2.0 Training Programme?

  • Employers who hired employees under PenjanaKerjaya 2.0 may apply to train or upskill their employees based on job requirements.
  • Only courses that suit the industry needs will be approved.
  • Each employee is only eligible for 1 course. Exceptions are made if the certification or professional programmes require the completion of 2 or more courses / modules, which is subject to a maximum rate of RM7,000.

What are the upskilling / reskilling courses we are offering under the Hiring And Training Programme (PenjanaKerjaya 2.0)?

  • Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • ITIL & CompTIA Project+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Linux+
  • CCNA

Does the courses include exam?

Yes, all the courses we are offering under the Hiring And Training Programme (PenjanaKerjaya 2.0) are including exams, except ITIL.

What if the employer's application is rejected?

Employers may re-apply by making sure that the courses they choose from us meet the needs of their respective industries for PERKESO’s consideration.

Must employers / employees pay us (training provider) directly?

No, we will be paid directly by PERKESO.

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