Classroom Training Vs Self-Study for CCNA. Which is Better?

It depends on a few factors such as:

  1. When would you like to get certified?

  2. Your budget.

  3. Why you made the decision to get certified in the first place?

When it comes to deciding what to do to get your CCNA, so many options might play out in your mind. If you are a beginner and you never had any exposure to computer networking, you might be feeling clueless and intimidated by the whole process of acquiring CCNA and you would not know how or who to ask for help. There are also people who are courageous enough to take up the challenge and discipline themselves to prepare for CCNA and some of them ended up passing the exam. Even though the CCNA exam is known to be a very challenging one among the network community, there are plenty of methods that one can implement to pass the exam. However, sometimes too many options can seem very daunting. 

When would you like to get certified?

If you are a student and you have ample time on your hand, then going by the self-study method might be good enough. If you are a working adult and you do not have enough time or you are under a certain deadline to get certified, then enrolling in classroom training would be the best method because the course provider has already gathered all the right materials for you. They have strategically compiled all the lessons from the right sources and they always hire industry-experienced instructors to deliver the knowledge to you in a short amount of time. One more reason to add to this is that when you are preparing for this certification alone, you might get stuck on topics that you don’t understand and you might end up extending your time too much. This can be easily prevented when you get to clear your doubts with the instructor during classroom training.

Your budget.

Obviously self-study is completely free but if you are willing to invest some money in enrolling in classroom training, the return will be much greater in terms of the experience you will have. Whether you are a beginner or not, you must know that CCNA is a very technical subject. Learning it all by yourself can be demotivating and boring at times. When you learn this subject in a classroom scenario, you will understand it a lot better because most of the learning happens hands-on. The deliverability of the course can either make you love or hate computer networking. I am certain that by now we are all familiar with the experience of not “getting along” with a few subjects back in our school days. Therefore, it is paramount that you learn this certification course in a way that is engaging and boosts your interest in wanting to know more about computer networking.

Why you made the decision to get certified in the first place?

I absolutely agree that we have been blessed with mountains of CCNA content from everywhere. You only have to sit in front of your PC and access the materials and everything is within your reach, even the free ones. Having said that, going to the right place, getting the right content for you to prepare for your exam and getting the right guidance to later apply the knowledge at your workplace is not something that you can get from self-study alone. When you are beginning your journey in the computer network field, having the right people around who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in that field can have a huge influence on your career trajectory. Because they have been in the field long enough to understand what skills are relevant for you to procure.

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