SME Training Partners (SMETAP) Scheme

Description: The Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Training Partner Scheme is organised by PSMB in collaboration with training provider to offer training program especially to registered employer. Training programme offered under SMETAP included functional and upskilling. The objective of SMETAP Scheme is to equip SME employees with the specialised skills in the following scope: Specialised […]


1MalaysiaGRIP by HRDF

Description: Implemented by the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) under the pool fund concept, the programme played an important role in realising the national agenda of reaching 35% skilled workforce by 2020. The objectives of the 1MalaysiaGRIP Programme implemented by the Government were: Provide an opportunity for employees (through self-nomination and direct applications) to enhance […]


JobCamp with MDEC

Description: Job Camp was a program funded by MDEC and about hundreds of unemployed fresh graduates have been trained and given job placements. Throughout this programme, fresh graduates have undergone certification training such as Microsoft Window, SQL, Networking, Project Management and etc. This program has created a lot of opportunities for graduates to improve and […]


Graduates ENhancEment pRogrAmme for Employability (GENERAtE)

Description: The Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) has established the implementation of the Graduates ENhancEment pRogrAmme for Employability (GENERAtE) as part of the initiative to improve the condition of our current unemployed graduates in the country. The objectives of the GENERAtE programme are to equip, develop and assist the unemployed graduates: with high end skills […]


The Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS)

Description: GEMS aims to enhance graduate employability with the aim to reduce talent shortages in the key areas of economy by 2020. It will equip fresh and unemployed graduates with skills required by industries. Successful candidate (a.k.a participant) will be attached with host company for 8 months – 12 months and undergo up to 2 […]

Emphatic - HRDF 1

The Entrepreneurship Enhancement Skills Programme For Indian Community Programme (EMPhAtIC)

Description: The Entrepreneurship Enhancement Skills Programme For Indian Community Programme (Emphatic) is an initiative specifically designed to assist the Indian community to acquire entrepreneural skills and competencies to enable them to venture into businesses especially those who fall under the B40 category. Trainees who participate in the programme will be equipped with entrepreneurial skills in […]