1MalaysiaGRIP by HRDF

Implemented by the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) under the pool fund concept, the programme played an important role in realising the national agenda of reaching 35% skilled workforce by 2020.

The objectives of the 1MalaysiaGRIP Programme implemented by the Government were:

  • Provide an opportunity for employees (through self-nomination and direct applications) to enhance their skills / expertise in specific fields accelerating their career and tapping higher income potential
  • Help employers empower their workforce in their efforts to increase their capacity and capabilities towards competitive advantages
  • Offer specialised high-level training programmes that cover skills required for knowledge intensive sectors, high-tech and high value-added products and activities etc., which in turn will help increase labour supply in strategic and high impact sectors of the economy. This will also reduce the country’s dependency on external expertise

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